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AJ Landscapes was founded in April 2003 by Andrew Jones. After leaving school in 1995, Andrew attended the Welsh College of Horticulture in Northop for three years. He successfully completed his training and gained an NVQ level 3 in Landscaping.

After leaving college, he worked for a number of landscaping/grounds maintenance companies that allowed him to put his new found skills to practice. Having built up 8 years of experience, he decided to establish his own company that would strive to provide the highest quality work at competitive prices. His business has now been providing its services to customers for over 21 years.

AJ Landscapes provides a wide range of services to the commercial and domestic sectors in the Wrexham, Chester and Oswestry areas. The company is fully insured with public liability and employee insurance policies.

If you would like a free, no obligation quotation, please see our Request a Quote section.

I aim to provide the best service and use materials of the highest quality. I participate on all projects undertaken to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Andrew Jones, AJ Landscapes


AJ Landscapes provides a wide variety of landscaping services. Below are the common services requested by our customers. They can be applied separately or combined as part of a project. For each of the services listed, we will prepare the area and remove all waste.

If the service you are looking for is not listed below, please contacts us.

Turfing / Seeding

We offer this service between March and September. During exceptionally warm periods, we try to avoid laying turf and seeding as it needs to be kept moist.

For turfing we use ornamental or hard wearing turf depending on the customer's needs.


Fencing is available all year round except during frosty or icy conditions.

All varieties of panels, concrete or wooden posts and gravel boards are available.


We can lay patios all year round except during frosty, icy or extremely wet conditions.

Various sizes and shapes can be applied. Please request a brochure during the site visit.

Paths / Shed bases

This is an all year round service except during frosty, icy or extremely wet conditions.

For paths, various shapes, sizes and styles of slabs are available. Please request a brochure during the site visit.

Shed bases generally require a sturdy flagstone and so a 900mm by 600mm (3ft by 2ft) is used unless instructed otherwise.


Gravelling can be applied all year round.

Various colours, shapes and sizes of gravel are available. Please request a brochure during the site visit.

Membrane sheeting is used under all gravel applications. This minimises the likelihood of weeds growing through it.

Tree / Shrub planting

Planting of shrubs and trees is available between March and October.

Grounds Maintenance

AJ Landscapes provides numerous grounds maintenance services. Below are the common services requested by our customers.

Please contact us if there is a particular service that you require but it is not listed below.

Grass cutting

We offer grass cutting services between March and September. If weather conditions permit, this period can be extended.

Hedge cutting

Hedge cutting is available between March and November. This period may be extended if weather permits. Ideally, the last cut should be between October and November as this will provide a clean cut hedge for the duration of the winter months.

Weed control

This service is provided between March and October.


The availability of this service varies depending on the species of plant. For example, Rose pruning is available in March.

We offer the above services to both the domestic and commercial sectors. For a healthy looking garden, we recommend that grass cutting is repeated every fortnight. This ensures it is kept at a manageable level and allows for maximum enjoyment from your lawn. We are also happy to provide these services to customers as a one-off or on an irregular basis.

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You can obtain a free quotation by one of two means. You can either contact us directly or by using the online request form below. If you would prefer to contact us directly, please see the Contact Us section.

On receiving a request to provide you a quote, we will endeavour to reply to your request ASAP. We will look to arrange a visit to the property where an assessment of the work area and the required tasks will be carried out. We will then process this information and get a quotation out to you ASAP. Our preference is to email the quotation to you, however, we are happy to send it out by post if you prefer. If you receive the quotation by email, you will be able to accept the quote online. On receiving the acceptance of your quote, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to conduct the work.

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